Looking Organic in a World of Fake

Its so intimidating right? The minute I meet someone I know, you know, we all know. We stare at it and say a little comment to ourselves, they had some work done. Is that how we want to be seen as? 

So here is my take on Freezing your face and filing it.  Like the rest of your body when you don't use a muscle it will atrophy and the face is like a wall.  You have studs, sheetrock and instillation.  When you freeze the studs the muscle walls start to loose the shape of the face and then this is when filler is introduced to fill in the gap.   We as people are filled with thousands of expressions and that is what makes up our personalities.  Don't have resting face as your expression when you can light up a room skin is like a grape, if you dehydrate the water out of it, viola wrinkles. The main reason why our skin ages is the dead layers on the top of the skin build up over time creating a thick skin layer so the skin cant absorb moisture.  Also the skin care products that you use may have magical marketing but if they have petroleums, which is motor oil in cosmetic form, the skin cant absorb any moisture.  Yes it feel so thick and gloppy but its only coating the skin.  You want to deeply exfoliate the skin regularly. Not daily. If you over exfoliate the skin will get defensive.  Like if you fell off your bicycle and cut yourself your skin would make new skin, right? But if you kept falling off in the same spot the skin would create a thick scar. This is what happens when you use topical products daily or exfoliate too much.  Tricking the skin is the key.  Softening it for a week period then shocking it.  I tell my clients its giving yourself a facial once a week.  Exfoliate then rinse super well followed by the lift Mask.  Then the next six days lots of the Lift Serum and Glob the Lift Balm. The balm is the bomb! The more you massage it in the more it will fill in all your lines and you will see the scarring to start to heal over time.   

Meet your skin guru. I take everything that you do, break it down, and regroup you. Our goal is to get your skin perfect. The calmer you keep the skin on the face the softer and more healing you will see.