The Cost of your face is Everything!

  As a celebrity make up artist and getting acne, well it didn't mix well, my face was everything in my career.  Your face can feel like it is everything but what happens when you can't control something that is out of your control. I suffered with the greatest acne imaginable. All down my chest and back.  I didn’t have it when I was in my teens but as I hit adulthood. I put myself in esthetic school just to learn and that lead me down a path of every certification possible. Every school, every doctor wouldn't give me that clicking answer that I was so desperate to have explain to me. My skin was out of control.   When you have acne your whole world shifts.  People don't want to date you, they don't want to hire you, people are more rude, people make faces at you and it goes on. In a world of 'be kind', people treat people with acne as if there is something wrong with them mentally. No one explains how painful it is emotionally to have acne. Not a day goes by that i don't see tears of how mean people can be as if they're was something wrong with someone that has acne. Not really seeing this would be the beginning of a path of what God was calling me for.  Do you know almost all my clients who have acne suffer from suicidal thinking?  Acne is like a pie chart and once we get each piece in order we control the infection and its gone for life.  I lost my mother to suicide because life became frightening overwhelming for her.    Schëal is her last name pro nouced SHE ALL  I like see the word Heal in her name like she heals. :)

I began compounding and studying chemistry and I fell in love.  I am a left and right brain so it was like music.  When I make each of the batches its more than just a passion.  I pray over each ingredient as I am making everything that God would heal your skin.  



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Meet your skin guru. I take everything that you do, break it down, and regroup you. Our goal is to get your skin perfect. The calmer you keep the skin on the face the softer and more healing you will see.