What Foods Affect your Skin?

Line up anyone that drinks coffee their whole life and the damage it does over time on the liver you will see in the face.  Coffee is probably the worst ingredient, I find that not only ages you faster, but almost all of my clients who have acne the acidic level that makes the acne a thousand times worst.  All the nerves in your body end in your face, hands and feet.  Red wine, sorry ladies, is the worst for the skin. The sulfates and the sugar make the skin sallow. Red wine, Red Face. The capillaries tend to break with drinking excessive amounts of red wine. Tequila is the cleanest to put in a drink.  It is made from agave which has a low glycemic level and its cleaner to the liver.  Acne food triggers are peanut butter, coffee, dairy, beer, and spicy foods.  Also resting your dirty hands on your face while you are in class or at work creates more bacteria for the acne to grow.  Surgeons go through how many steps to clean before they operate and they still aren't clean?  So no sweaty dirty palms on the face.  Dirty hair or hair that rests on the skin creates bacteria.   Drinking water is the most vital for keeping your skin youthful and clear.  I recommend at least 100ml a day or more to keep the lymphatic system flushed.  Taking a strong probiotic, vitamin b 5,(not the other B's they can cause acne), caprillic acid and aloe juice are amazing for the skin.   Anything stimulating on the inside will stimulate the outside of the skin in the wrong way. You want the skin to be calm in an alkaline state.  At night you want to make sure you really put allot of balm on because this is where the healing happens.

Meet your skin guru. I take everything that you do, break it down, and regroup you. Our goal is to get your skin perfect. The calmer you keep the skin on the face the softer and more healing you will see.