Where did this Acne comes from

 I’m here to tell you I will help you as much as I can to get rid of your acne.  I help thousands of people and I will help you too.  Acne skin has its own personality like you can’t really tell your hair what to do, but if You listen to it, it begins the conversation of getting to know each other. Acne comes from a couple different reasons but the main reason is that you have an infection that is trapped in the deepest layers of your skin that is spreading underneath the skin.  Acne can also be triggered by what we put on it and by things we ingest. I will get to that in a but.  Each clear skin product is created to kill the bacteria but also calm the redness while healing the scarring.  

You have eight layers of skin. So imagine, stay with me here, you have eight floors of a house.  Dead skin mixed with bacteria gets burrowed in the first floor of the house in a couple bedrooms.  The bedrooms are the pores. So you have about a thousand bedrooms on each floor of the house.  By the time you actually see a red pimple it is almost two months old coming to the surface.  You are seeing a reflection of what is inside the house.  The redness is what is happening on the first four floors of the skin.  The roof or the top of the skin depending on what products or types of treatment you have had done have allot to do with the process of why the skin doesn't heal.  Almost all acne people want to burn the acne off with topical acids or pulverize the skin with lasers.   Its skin not a tree. 

Main stream products that are on the market use ingredients that either burn or irritate the skin or use chemicals to fix a problem. Skin is like a baby. If you feel an extremely burning feeling ...ur face is going to be red. Skin isn't so complicated.  Yet main stream marketing uses your pain against you because they use your pain against you to keep buying. If they fix your skin they loose a client. I believe in the opposite, if I make you look great that makes Scheal look great.  You become our face And you become our next example that there is healing. If you want your face to look like a baby, well we don't boil the babies skin with hot water. That sears the skin. Nor do we dry out the skin till it is dead.  The skin is alive like a plant.  When you dry out the skin it will eventually take all the life out of the skin.   Drying the surface of acne will only create more scarring and make the healing allot harder because there wont be any life left in it. 

So how do you get the infection out?  Exfoliation. Removing the dead skin build up on the top layers allows the infection to start to come out to the surface.  Exfoliating too much is like sanding through a wall. Remember you want a baby face.  In the beginning I recommend at night you exfoliate for the first three nights in a row followed by the mask serum and balm.  Then back off to every three nights give yourself a facial.  The balm softens the skin allowing the skin to heal and then when your exfoliate you shock the skin to create new skin. If you exfoliate everyday the skin will just get thick and damaged because your being to aggressive.  Read about the food triggers that you should avoid and vitamins to take in the next article. 



Meet your skin guru. I take everything that you do, break it down, and regroup you. Our goal is to get your skin perfect. The calmer you keep the skin on the face the softer and more healing you will see.