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Each of our product is custom adjusted to the climate ph through each season so your skin has the freshest organic ingredients for flawless skin.

100% of our donations goes towards helping women and children coming out of the foster care system that are a result from domestic violence. Scheál vision is to build a ranch for women and foster children so they can receive trauma therapy and have rest to heal.

look like yourself organically

gods gift to us is beautiful

Christina DePascale, celebrity makeup artist for Laura Mercier, licensed Decleor National Esthetician, has become the creator of her own skincare line bringing all of her talents together with her new spa space and skincare line to Franklin, Tennessee. She has crafted a handmade skincare line that has been featured in Condé Nast’s Hot List, Brides Magazine, GQ, British GQ, and The Knot. 

Christina’s skincare line is artfully made using pure organic ingredients specific to each person’s skin needs from acne to aging and everything in between. Each treatment is handmade for her client’s skin type so each face is given the absolute best, most specific care. 

“Every person has unique skin, there is not a one size fits all beauty product,” says Christina. “In addition to personally studying the skin, I have been obsessed with studying the chemistry, compounding, and ingredients for 30 years.” It’s my art and delight to see my clients’ faces transform into the most beautiful, healthy, glowing skin of their lives.”

All of Christina’s skincare batches are handmade with fresh organic ingredients specifically to the climate. “As the temperatures shift so does your skin’s needs.” Christina explained. “Schëal Organics is created to transform your skin and to keep you looking like yourself naturally. No fillers needed. Our mission is to make our clients faces the most radiant around the world, because our clients are our face. When you look great it makes us look great.” 

The Schëal Organics Spa is created purely from love and Christina’s passion for making women and men feel their best. Christina also has an incredible gift in healing all types of acne. “It all started, honestly, with me trying to heal my own skin, and my product line was birthed from there.” She has served all ages and walks of life. Her new salon downtown Franklin is currently open for new clients by appointment.